The popular tourist island of Boracay in the Philippines is, unfortunately, off limits to tourists. Closed in April, the island’s economy suffers greatly, as Boracay houses more than five hundred tourist-oriented businesses. According to the Philippine government, the businesses closed will receive some sort of financial aid. The time off will be used to clean up the beaches and repair the roads.

The reason for the closing of the island lies in its environmental issues, as well as problems with the sewage. The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, was outraged and compared the island to a cesspool. The President didn’t act on a whim, but rather approved the recommendation of three separate government agencies that urged him to shut down the island, due to the extensive damage.

The origin of the sewage problem lies in the inadequate waste disposal by a number of hotels, inns and resorts. The establishments failed in their requirement to build their own sewage and water treatment facilities. They have, allegedly, used the canals meant only for diverting rainwater as a waste disposal measurement. This, in turn, caused an increased pollution of the seaside, affecting not only tourism, but wildlife as well. Coral reefs, desperately need this shutdown to recover. It is unclear how much, if any, environmental damage has been done by the tourists themselves.

President Duterte commented that the sea smells of feces, and that the tourists would probably take that smell with them, thus endangering their health. He further announced that the duration of island’s time of not operating as a tourist resort would last at least six months. This comes as no surprise, as, back in February, the President already threatened to shut the island down, if the businesses didn’t start cleaning up.

The assistant secretary for tourism, Frederick Alegre, said that this was a temporary situation, and that Boracay will be brought back to its “glory days”. He added that this is just the first of many Philippine destinations that are going to be looked at closely in terms of environmental protection, as the message they are trying to send is ‘More Fun in the Philippines’.

While over two million tourists visited the island in 2017, this year, there has been a plethora of cancelled bookings, both by the resorts and the airline companies. Philippine Airlines promised refunds and rebookings to the affected tourists.

This isn’t the only island that faces a shutdown, as a number of tourist hotspots experience similar issues. Koh Phi Phi Leh in Thailand will have to close its Maya Beach for four months. The beach was made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The Beach. The reason for the shutdown is the environmental damage caused by the tourists.

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Sun City in South Africa

This isn’t just a collection of bright lights and serious people in suits asking for your ID when you try to enter. It is a collection of not one or two, but four hotels within a walking distance from marvelous sites that are, simply put, breathtaking. We are talking, of course, about the Madikwe Game Reserve and The Pilanesberg National Park, two nature reserves that harbor no disease or unpleasantries. In other words, you can play a few games and take your family on a safari adventure.

Wyndham Nassau hotel in The Bahamas

The Bahamas are synonymous with a good time, beautiful beaches and paradise on earth. You can play the slots and Blackjack at night, when the kids are asleep, and, during the awesome sunny day, stroll down to the beach and enjoy some family fun in the form of scuba-diving, snorkeling, or just plain swimming and playing with a beach ball. However, this pleasure doesn’t come cheap – be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars a day.

The West Coast of Aruba

The beautiful tourist trap is a big part of the Kingdom of Netherlands.  More than three-quarters of the island’s income relies on tourism and related branches. Most tourists come from Colombia and the USA. If you are a high-roller, this will not bother you in the least, since you can retire to many lovely hotels, like the Hilton, and enjoy what is, reportedly, the hottest poker action on this side of the world. If Hilton doesn’t suit you for whatever reason (we don’t judge), there is always The Ritz-Carlton. The games there will tickle your fancy, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is to die for.

Montreal, Canada

There is but one casino – Casino de Montreal, but it’s more than worth the visit. It has three connected buildings, there are free shows, four restaurants, a cabaret (yes, they still have those), and an unforgettable experience waiting for you and your partner. If you hate smoking, rejoice, as the casino has been smoke-free for more than a decade. All of this and more can be found in the lovely and unique Quebec. Bear in mind that French is spoken here, so prepare yourself accordingly.

Imagine being able to visit the Grand Palace, or the Tiger Temple, to be able to freely experience the everyday life there, to go about your business using a tuk-tuk, and to taste the street food. However, our finances often hinder our wishes to experience the cultures of the world. Or do they?


Don’t try to limit yourself into finding a comfortable hotel room. There are places that charge $1000. This is definitely out of the question, though, luckily, these places are not as common as the other kind. If you do your research properly, you can find a location for yourself that charges less than ten dollars a night. Remember to include hostels and private residences in your search. Or, if this is something you are comfortable doing, consider using a couchsurfing community.


Do you need to eat? Of course. Is it necessary to happen at a classy restaurant? Not really. Traveling on a budget does mean eating on a budget as well. We suggest taking to the streets. It is a great way to experience the food that is less influenced by the effects of globalization first-hand. It is fairly easy to have a tasty and filling meal for as little as 50 Thai Bahts, or less than $2. If you forage, you are likely to find good, exotic, and healthy nourishment for less than a dollar.


Visiting the sites can be both enjoyable and frugal.

If your travel plans allow you to travel through Bangkok, make sure you visit the one and only Khao San Road. You are very likely to find backpackers from all over the world here, who, like you, revel in absorbing the spirit, the noise and the people of Thailand. It is by far one of the most interesting places in the world.

If you are traveling on and around the Khao San Road, you will, perhaps, have the good fortune to visit Wat Chana Songkhram. Simple in design, and revered for its age, it is just one of the many temples you can come across in Thailand.

A Word to the Wise

Some of the traveling tips found here were written with backpackers in mind. It is also easy as pie to plan for a family vacation, but the hostels and anything of that nature should be disregarded as potential accommodation. That being said, you can still save a ton of money on food and sites.