Doing things alone sucks, which is why having buddies is always better than doing things on our own. We love socializing. We socialize when eating, drinking, playing sports, or even video games. Even lotteries are social activities, with people gathering and watching lotteries together. Some have moved to online lotteries, simply to make use of promo codes like this Michigan Lottery promo code

We shouldn’t do things alone when we can do them in the company, and that goes especially for something as interesting as travel. However, not everyone is up for traveling, particularly during challenging global pandemic times.

This is why we should look to the internet to find traveling buddies. Here is how you can use the internet to find travel buddies.


One of the go-to applications and sites for traveling, couchsurfing is the best application to find travel buddies. Couchsurfing will give you access to a plethora of hosts, people who might not be travelers but will be your buddies. As hosts, they will be able to take you through the local destinations and teach you all about their culture and history.

Not only that, but you will be interacting with an actual person, rather than someone who is a paid guide. While guides are fine, they are definitely not regular people who are more than happy to welcome you into their home and show you around a city or even further.


UNBLND is a great application for making new friends. It is a very interactive application that matches people based on their interest. Once you figure out what you want to do at any given moment, you will be matched with a group of similar people, or rather, people with similar interests.

Travel is a common category over there. Add travel and find people who are interested in traveling. Since the app is location-based, you can also find people who like to travel who are near you. That being said, you might not get lucky on the first try, which is normal for all such chat and meet applications.


This application is a self-described social media application for travelers, allowing people to meet other people based on the type of traveling they do. You can choose a couple of categories and find people based on their location and interest, meaning that you will never be lonely should you decide to travel.


Reddit has always been a good place if you want to meet new people. Like most forums, Reddit has various subreddits, or sub forums, where you can discuss anything. The subreddit Travel Partners is a great place to go if you want to meet people who will be visiting various places. There are certain rules, so make sure to follow them if you want your post to stay uploaded.

You don’t have to travel alone if you want to explore new parts of the world. Through these applications and forums, you can find similar-minded people who would love nothing more than to travel with you.