Winter is coming and everybody has already forgotten where that quote came from unless they are proficient at making memes. However, every winter season is an opportunity for those more adventurous people to embark on a winter holiday. What is usually very popular during the winter season are the skiing destinations.

Europe is known for its many skiing destinations and cities which are beautiful in winter, which should be visited by those who prefer the colder seasons. Here are the best winter destinations in Europe.

Innsbruck in Austria

Why not go to Austria during the winter? Austria is really good at making winters an amazing experience. Innsbruck is renowned for being a skiing town. For those that want a typical winter holiday, Innsbruck is the place to go.

Surrounded by the Alps, it is a great town that is peaceful but also quite energetic in winter, full of people who want to ski and take up snowboarding. It is a great destination for winter sports.

Prague – The Capital of Czech Republic

Prague is a very famous destination in Europe and everybody who wants to spend time in Europe, eventually ends up visiting Prague. Known for its many sights, particularly in the older part of the city, Prague is full of tourists during summer. 

This changes dramatically during winter, because Prague can get very cold. The number of tourists drops, making it a perfect destination for those who wanted to see Prague but did not want to deal with all the people.

Zermatt in Switzerland

Zermatt is the town from fairytales. It lies next to the famous mountain, Matterhorn. It is a great skiing town and a perfect destination for adventurous tourists. You can have fun in a more traditional way, go skiing or snowboarding, or even attempt to climb Matterhorn in the winter, which can be very challenging, sometimes even impossible depending on the weather.

Abisko in Sweden

Northern lights are something that not many people get to see in person. Visiting this rather small village in Sweden is a great starting point if one wants to see northern lights. The village has its own special climate which makes it easier to spot northern lights.

Another thing to note is that being this far up north can be really cold. Have that in mind prior to traveling to the north of Sweden.

Paris – France

Paris is a typical winter destination, mostly because of all the myths and romance surrounding the city. It can be romantic, but that entirely depends on the person. However, Paris, covered in snow, is a sight to be seen.


These are some of Europe’s best winter destinations. There are many more, but one could always count on these ones to deliver a good time.