Sports events were always and are still very interesting to watch and follow. However, due to the global pandemic, we have seen a shortage in such events. Some sports events were still held, but the problem was that even though athletes were present and playing, the fans were not allowed to spectate, at least live, at stadiums and venues.

Sports betting went on as usual, with many sportsbooks giving their predictions, to help bettors fare better, like these chezacash predictions. Sports events are getting back on track, at least when it comes to live spectating. This means that fans who want to travel, can still attend some of their favorite sports events. Some of these events are really amazing and even non-sports fans will travel the world to see them.

Here are a couple of such sports events that inspire people to travel! 

The Olympic Games

Every four years, the world’s best athletes come together to compete and try and win medals. Every win at the Olympics is celebrated, both by the athletes and the fans who follow the many sports and their national teams. The Olympics are an event that pulls the most fans out of any sports events, mostly due to the diversity of the sports being played. 

Even though they are four years apart, they still always have plenty of visitors.

FIFA World Cup

Another quadrennial event that has a lot of visitors and is international in its nature is the FIFA World Cup. The World Cup, as we know, is another event that takes place every four years, and with football being the most popular sport on the planet, also has plenty of visitors.

The problem with the World Cup is that the group stage matches are all played across different arenas and that the playoffs matches are also played in different arenas. However, even the multiple venues do not stop avid fans from attending.

Cricket World Cup

This might seem strange to most people, but cricket is the second most popular sport on the planet. It is very popular in India, for example, where most people prefer cricket to other sports. 

Cricket has its own World Cup, which is similar to a world cup in football because it is also a quadrennial event. Being as it is, the Cricket World Cup is also a great reason for international travel, especially if you ask cricket fans.


A tennis grand slam might not be the reason for most people to hop onto a plane and go to another country, but Wimbledon is such a huge part of the history and culture of tennis, that it is unimaginable for most tennis fans not to see it in person at least once.

The Champions League

Unlike the world cup and other quadrennial events, the Champions League takes place every year, meaning that football fans can see high-quality matches on a yearly basis. It is a very popular event for football fans. Europeans, in particular, find it easier to travel to other European countries to watch the Champions League live.

These are the top 5 sports events that hail visitors from all over the world.