During the pandemic, we were all in one global lockdown. At least we managed to enjoy all of our hobbies and watch all the movies we constantly put off for another day, had fun in online casinos with promotions like the 888casino Bonus for 2022, and had one too many Zoom calls with our besties. But honestly, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to travel during the lockdowns. (Before any of you comment – I didn’t!) 

Unfortunately, tourism has suffered throughout the duration of the global pandemic. However, with the pandemic losing its grip or rather, people gaining immunity and becoming less prone to infection, things have slowly started to return to normal, or rather, acceptable.

Tourism is once more on the table and some places in the world are getting more tourists than others. Bali is one such place.

If you wondered why Bali was getting more popular, seek no further, here are the reasons.

It is Beautiful

This is a rather simple but honest answer. People dream of those blue beaches and lovely sights and Bali has them in abundance. Located in Indonesia, or rather near it, Bali is an island surrounded by different seas and an ocean. As such, it has beaches galore, as well as mountains if you are more about climbing rather than bathing. Being as beautiful as it is, it is a great tourist location if you want to visit something more exotic.


Sports are typically not the reason why people travel to a location halfway across the world. When the location is known for a specific sport, such as surfing, then exemptions are made. Surfing requires certain conditions to be met, which Bali meets in multiple locations.

Canggu, Medewi and Uluwatu are a couple of spots that surfers should not miss if they are in Bali. Sports tourism is not what you would expect from Bali, given its location, but it still attracts a lot of surfers.

Path of Spirituality

Bali is actually home to a lot of Hindu people, around 90% of the population. With that in mind, you can expect the island to be home to spiritual people. Word gets around and those who want to change their lives or explore a spiritual side of things also flock to Bali. Spiritual tourism has been more popular recently and is one of the reasons why Bali gets a lot of attention. 

Climate – It’s Lovely

There are few places in the world that have great climate all throughout the year. Some places shift between scorching hot and ridiculously cold, while others are just hot or cold throughout the year. Bali has its hot days, but the climate is mostly stable throughout the year, moderately hot and enjoyable. The rain season lasts from November to March, but it is not as bad as some places like Bergen in Norway, known for having rain all throughout the year.

Lifestyle and Nightlife

While Bali looks like the perfect place to unplug and relax, it can also be the opposite if you want it to. Bali has a rich nightlife scene and offers everything that a digital nomad would require to work and thrive. 

From silence and oceans to parties and working throughout the day, Bali has everybody covered.

Bali is a great tourist destination and has been more popular lately. These are some of the reasons why. Words don’t do Bali justice so visiting it is the only way to experience its beauty.