Traveling is fun, but even more fun when you don’t go where everyone else is going. Popular locations are likely to be crowded and you will spend most of your time dodging people, rather than going about your tourist business, exploring towns and their nooks and crannies.

Popular destinations are many and we all know the various Paris and London stories, not to mention huge cities like Berlin and Barcelona. No, no, these destinations are popular, but are far too mainstream.

It is time to go off the beaten path and explore other cultural wonders. Here are a couple of such destinations in Europe.

Visby in Sweden

Sweden is mostly visited because of its capital city, though people also love visiting the northern parts of Sweden, with the idea of maybe catching polar lights. Visby is an interesting town which is on the Baltic Sea coast. It is a town with fortifications on one side and a sea on another. Visby has everything, fortifications, cobblestone streets, and beaches, of course. It also has a marina, being a seaport city. There are plenty of places to stay in when you visit Visby, but also amazing sights to see and a new part of Sweden to explore, one which people rarely get to see.

Baleal in Portugal

Portugal has many interesting sights to offer but one which can easily captivate any visitor is the town of Baleal. It is a town located on a peninsula, surrounded almost completely by the Atlantic. It has everything you need from a summer town destination, lots of sand, plenty of restaurants and as much fun as you could want. While it doesn’t have the same parties that Lisbon has, it also lacks the number of visitors that Lisbon has.

Elblag in Poland

This town is often overlooked because of its neighbor, the city of Gdansk. Both port towns, both on the Baltic sea, but Elblag being the lesser known of the two. This means that it is the perfect European destination should you want to visit it.

It is a beautiful town full of old buildings, cobblestone streets, museums, churches and everything you could want from an old town.

Lofoten Islands in Norway

They are located far above the arctic circle, so make sure to pack your warm clothes. This will be an interesting destination for those who love nature and are not afraid of a little (or a lot) cold, depending on the time of year you visit, of course.

Europe has so many hidden gems and destinations that you should visit, so make sure to give these a go and explore one of the world’s cultural cradles, starting with the places that people rarely visit.